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General Information:

    * Population: 5,000
    * Racial Composition: 95% Human, 5% Other
    * Ruler: 
    * Alignment:
    * Resources: Powerful military protecting the surrounding area

Law Enforcement:

    * The Hammer of Thor: A battalion of Thor Zealots 

C'malt is primarily a religious community. The city of C'Malt is a walled city built against the side of a cliff. C'Malt was one of the first settlements in this region. The original purpose was to pacify the surrounding area, hence the prefix of C.

C'malt is also known for it's fine wines, product of the Baccus winery. This winery is located at the base of the cliff and parts of it are within the cliff.

There are few ways into the city and all are heavily guarded and it can take hours to get through the gate into the city.

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