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Techno’s are people who live in technologically advanced societies. They tend to isolated villages around the world and obstain from the use of magic and many of their cultures ban it completely. Many Technos do not even believe magic exists and it is not uncommon for a curious Techno to go looking for the smoke generators and mirrors upon being exposed to magic for the first time.

Ability Requirement: Intelligence 12, Wisdom 9
Prime Requisite: Intelligence
Hit Dice Type: d6
Allowed Race: Human, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Half-Ogre
Allowed Alignments: Any Lawful
Building Points Bonus: 10
Armor Allowed: Any
Weapons Allowed: Only his own “HighTech” Weapons
Combat Table: Thief
Saving Throw Table: Thief

Techno Progression Table

Experience PointsExp Level4 sided dice for Accumulated Hit pointsLevel Title
0-1500120+1d6Probationer Student
1501-300022d6Student Tinkerer
3001-600033d6Tinkerers Assistant
12001-2400055d6Master Tinkerer
24001-4800066d6Techno Apprentice
48001-9600077d6Techno 3rd Class
96001-19200088d6Techno 2nd Class
192001-38400099d6Techno 1st Class
768001+*11++1 HP/LvTechno Master
  • Technos need 384000 EP per level after 11th

The Techno starts out with 2 weapons, a melee weapon which does 1d6 damage and a Missile weapon which has a range of 60 yards and does 1d4 damage. As the Techno goes up in level, he is able to improve these weapons so they more effective. Optionally, the Techno may reduce the damage done by the missile weapon and make it area effect. For each die of damage the Techno reduces the damage, the area of effect is increased by 10 feet. The player may opt to make one of these weapons effect be stun rather than damage. If this option is taken, when a target is successfully hit by the weapon, the target must save versus petrification or be stunned (unable to act) for 1d4 rounds. What these weapons actually are, is up to the Player and the GM. The Techno also has some thief skills. Techno’s can also improve armor through better manufacturing processes and materials.

The Techno also has the ability to “Figure things out”, this ability applies to mechanical, electronic and otherwise technical/science based items. This ability is based on his thief skills and the complexity of the technology. Easy technology, such as a wind up clock or a musket type fire arm is equal to the Techno’s Pick Lock Skill. Moderate technology such as an automobile or TV set is equal to the Techno’s Find Trap skill. Hard technology such as energy weapons and computers are equal to the Techno’s Remove Trap skill. The Techno must examine the technology closely, even disassembling it and putting back together, this requires 4 hours for easy technology, 8 hours for moderate technology and 16 hours for hard technology. If the Techno fails his roll, he must think on the problem for 1 day per 5% (rounded up, minimum of 1 day) he missed his roll by before he can try again. Upon a successful roll, he can replicate the technology, assuming he has access to the proper manufacturing resources. There is some technology the Techno is simply never going to be able to figure out, for instance, a faster than light starship would be well beyond any Techno’s skill to figure out. Also, if the Techno rolls a 100%, he has destroyed the technology beyond repair and he will never be able to roll again for this paticular technological device.

Additionally, Techno’s have a much better understanding disease, infections and toxins. Techno are given a series inoculations, persistent antibiotics and immunizations as children. This results in Techno’s getting a +4 saving throw versus poison and a 50% resistance to disease.

Techno Skills

LevelFind TrapsRemove TrapsPick LockMelee DamageMissile Damage/RangeAC Bonus
110%0%15%1d61d4/60 Yards0
215%5%20%1d61d4/70 Yards0
320%10%25%1d6+12d4/80 Yards-1
425%15%30%1d6+12d4/90 Yards-1
530%20%35%2d43d4/100 Yards-2
635%25%40%2d43d4/110 Yards-2
740%30%45%2d4+14d4/120 Yards-3
845%35%50%2d4+14d4/130 Yards-3
950%40%55%2d65d4/140 Yards-4
1055%50%60%2d65d4/150 Yards-4

Techno’s live by a strict code that forbids them from sharing their technology with less developed cultures. Most Techno’s who roam the world are periodically checked up on by their superiors. If it is found they have broken the Techno code, they are snapped up by their superiors and permanently removed from the game and any polluted natives are “Modified” to forget everything about their interaction with the rogue Techno. Stealing a Techno’s equipment will be very disappointing, as his equipment will not work for anyone who is not a Techno.

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