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1. Character Generation - players are allowed to use either the standard array of attributes; 15,14,13,12,10,8, assigned as the players wants. Alternatly the play may choose to use the Point Buy System described on page 13 of the Players Hand Book. Rolling attributes is not an option.

2. Saving throws are governed by specific attributes as follows.

Saving throw table

AttributeSave Type Categories
StrengthParalysis, Constriction
DexterityBreath Weapon, Traps
ConstitutionDisease, Energy Drain, Poison
IntelligenceArcane Magic, Illusion, Polymorph, Petrification
WisdomDivine Magic, Confusion, Gaze Attack
CharismaDeath Attack, Charm, Fear

3. Coins are about the size of dimes and weigh 1/100th of a pound.

4. When attacked with energy draining effects such as wraiths, ghosts or swords of life stealing, characters get a saving throw roll against Energy Drain to avoid the effects of the energy drain.

5. When firing into melee with a missile weapon, attacker has Disadvantage (Must roll twice and take the lower roll).

6. Each character starts each session with 1 Inspiration, this Inspiration must be used before the end of the session, otherwise it is lost. This Inspiration can be passed to another player, but it still must be used by the end of the session or be lost.

7. The standard 5E death is no longer in effect, instead when the character reaches 0 hit points they are unconscious, if the character is between -1 and -9 they are bleeding out at a rate of 1 hit point per minute. Once the character reaches -10 hit points they die. 5E hit point recovery is still in effect.

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