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General Information:

    * Population: 500
    * Racial Composition: 90% Human
    * Ruler: Town Elders
    * Alignment: Neutral Good
    * Resources: Coal Mining 

Years ago, Arbusto, for reasons known only to himself, he convinced a Lizardman Shaman to summon the fire elemental known as The Fire Gawd in the coal mines near Derricks Deep. This killed the tribe of Lizardmen, five brave members of the BronzeHelm City Watch who tried to stop the catastrophe and rendered Derricks Deep uninhabitable.

For 25 years Derricks Deep remained in the grip of The Fire Gawd and her inhabitance wandering nomads, until the Scarred Children banished The Fire Gawd back to the plane of elemental fire and put out the fire in the coal mines. Many of the former inhabitance and their descendants have returned, but the area is still largely barren and the going has been difficult.

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