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Quest for the Unknown - Borderlands Map, Hex 602

Lair of the Faerie Dragon - Borderlands Map, Hex 1405
Size: M, HF ??, AC 1, HD 4 (HP 38), #ATT 1, DMG/ATT 1D4
MV 6 ground/24 flying, Breath Weapon: Cloud of Euphoria
Invisibility, Magic Resistance 95%, 14th Level Druid
See TSR Book of Lairs Page 42 for details

The Faerie Dragon named Chong is the leading cultivator and distributor of Hathor Gold Herb, in the Borderland area, he is also an avid user of the mood altering substance. In his younger days he often adventured with Professor Stormwynd the Hedge Wizard who resides in Stoneburg (Hex 808). For whatever reason they parted ways and now they periodically play somewhat mean spirited pranks on each other, often involving innocent 3rd parties.

Tower Clearmoon (Lone Tower, Judges Guild Book of Treasure Maps) Borderlands Map, Hex 1004

Creighton Cemetery, Borderlands Map, Hex 1007

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