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Edgewood Campaign

This island is roughly two and half times the size of Hawaii. It takes about 10 days to cross the island on horse back. It is in the northern hemisphere of the world, in the cooler climates. Summers are not excessively hot and it tends to rain a lot (Think Seattle/Vancouver), the winter tends to last longer than summer and can be harsh, the upper altitudes have snow year around. The southern half of the island is far more civilized than the northern. When the island was part of the empire the northern half of the island was considered a reservation and no settlements were allowed by imperial decree. The empire has since fallen, but the human residence of the island still remain in the south by tradition.

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Notes So far

This island was originally meant to be part of the Points of Light campaign world, some content on these pages refers to The Points of Light.

Points of Light is Copyrighted by Robert Conely and Goodman Games. Nothing in these pages is meant to infringe upon their copyrights, but rather to organize useful information for my players.

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