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TypeCostArmor ClassWeight
Padded2 gpAC 910 lbs
Leather5 gpAC 815 lbs
Studded Leather15 gpAC 720 lbs
Scale Mail45 gpAC 640 lbs
Chain Mail75 gpAC 530 lbs
Splint Mail80 gpAC 440 lbs
Banded90 gpAC 335 lbs
Plate400 gpAC 245 lbs
Field Plate1000 gpAC 160 lbs


TypeCostAC ModifierWeight
Shield, large15 gp-3 AC10 lbs
Shield, medium10 gp-2 AC8 lbs
Shield, small5 gp-1 AC5 lbs

Master weapon table

Arrows1d64 (per dozen)2 gp (per dozen)
Axe, battle2d4+175 gp
Axe, hand1d6+151 gp
Bolt, heavy crossbow1d6+14 (per dozen)4 gp (per dozen)
Bolt, light crossbow1d4+12 (per dozen)2 gp (per dozen)
Club1d632 cp
Dagger1d4+112 gp
Dart1d4-11/22 sp
Flail, heavy1d6+1103 gp
Flail, light1d4+146 gp
Halberd1d10189 gp
Hammer, war, heavy1d6+1107 gp
Hammer, war, light1d4+151 gp
Javelin1d645 sp
Lance2d4+1156 gp
Mace, heavy1d6+11010 gp
Mace, light1d4+154 gp
Morning star2d4125 gp
Pick, heavy1d6+1108 gp
Pick, light1d4+145 gp
Pole arm1d6+186 gp
Sling bullet1d4+14 (per dozen)1 gp (per dozen)
Sling stone1d42 (per dozen)Free
Spear1d6+151 gp
Sword, bastard1d101025 gp
Sword, broad2d4810 gp
Sword, long1d8+1715 gp
Sword, scimitar1d8515 gp
Sword, short1d638 gp
Sword, two-handed3d62530 gp
Trident1d6+154 gp

Missile weapon table

TypeDamageRate of fireRange (-2 to hit per increment)WeightCost
Axe, hand1d6110 ft51 gp
Bow, long*270 ft1260 gp
Bow, short*250 ft830 gp
Composite bow, long**270 ft13600 gp
Composite bow, short**250 ft9300 gp
Crossbow, heavy*1/260 ft1230 gp
Crossbow, light*160 ft415 gp
Dagger1d4210 ft12 gp
Dart1d4-1315 ft1/22 sp
Javelin1d6120 ft25 sp
Sling**135 ft1/25 sp
Spear1d6115 ft51 gp
*=By Ammo Type  **=By Ammo Type + Str Bonus  

Donjons and Dragoons

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