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The Eye Patch of Imprisonment appears to be an expensive well made eye patch. It is made of leather and fine silk, the center of the patch has an dim glowing ruby in the center. When put on, the eye patch allows the person to see into an extra dimensional prison, when first put on, there will be a random monster in the prison. During combat, the user may summon forth the monster in the prison to fight for him, if the imprisoned monster kills its opponent, the opponent creature will replace the monster in the prison and the previous monster is left dead in the spot its opponent died. Creatures pulled into the prison are warped by the negative energy of the prison and become Dire versions of what they once were, which means their HD increases by 2 or by 25%, whichever is greater, they deal +2 points of damage per die of damage they inflict, and if they do not already have fangs, they gain fangs and and an additional attack which does 1d4+2 damage. If the imprisoned creature is killed by its opponent, the prison becomes empty and the next creature the user of the eye patch kills will be put into the prison, if the user is killed while the prison is empty, the user himself will be put in the prison

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Page last modified on August 27, 2011, at 10:05 AM