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2 BP A hermaphrodite is a person who has the sexual organs of both genders. Most hermaphrodites general appearance will lean towards one gender or the other, but with little effort can pass as either, this assumes the protruding organs are not of unnatural size or shape. A character with this flaw is sterile and will never able to reproduce. Most pre-industrial societies consider this condition to be an abomination and if the condition is discovered outside the characters immediate family and closest friends, it is likely their life will be in danger or at the very least will be asked leave immediate vicinity. When an NPC finds out about the characters condition, the GM will make an NPC Reaction roll (GMG Page 89), giving the character a -5 for this roll. This flaw may only be taken if the player chooses use the cherry pick rules for determining Quirks and Flaws.

Note: I did a bit of soul searching on whether I should post this or not. It seems out of genre for HackMaster and some people might find it offensive. However I did have a player ask about it in a serious discussion about their next character and I decided I had no problem with it. I hope people will be adults about this.

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