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The Gauntlet of Gigantic Power is made of heavy black iron, with onyx spikes on each knuckle. The gauntlet has six fingers and when examined, it is difficult to see if it is right or left handed. In fact, the gauntlet can be put on either hand and will mold itself appropriately. The sixth finger is fully functional and responds to the wearer as if it were a normal finger. The gauntlet conveys a strength of 22 in that arm only. The gauntlet acts as a mace doing 1d8 damage to small creatures, 1d6 to medium and 1d4 to large. Because of the enhanced strength provided by the gauntlet, the user gets a +4 to hit and a +10 to damage with any weapon used in that hand or when the gauntlet itself is used as a weapon. Although it conveys no additional bonusís beyond those provided by the strength, the gauntlet is considered a +2 weapon for the purposes of hitting creatures that can only be hit by magic weapons. If the gauntlet hand tries to crush an object it has grasped, any normal, non magical object that would normally receive a saving throw versus crushing blow, receives no such save and is destroyed. Magic objects are still allowed a standard saving throw. Even normally indestructible objects such as Artifacts level magic items can be destroyed by the gauntlet, however they receive a +4 bonus to their saving throw.

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