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Any Magic User (MU) may make a one shot magic item of any spell he has written in his spell book. The cost for making such an item is;


The item requires 1 week per level of the spell to manufacture. Additionally, the MU must expend all the material components required for the spell in the making of the item. Once made, any MU may use the item. When used, the spell on the item is cast at the level of the maker, ie a fireball marble made by a 9th level MU would do 9d6 damage. A cantrip spell may be made into an item for half the cost of making a first level spell into an item. Items can be made so anyone who can read the language the command word on the item is written in can use it. The price for making such an item is;


Notes: SL=Spell Level, CiGP=Cost in Gold Pieces

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