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The mask is the actual flesh face of Methulsla, an assassin who good fortune smiled upon and was granted 2 wishes. He immediately wished for the regenerating power of a troll and the ability to kill with a gaze. These abilities served him well in his chosen profession for many years. However, his luck ran out when he was sent to kill a very high level chaotic evil priest named Antisiphia and he was captured before he could carry out the assassination. His regeneration powers gave the priest many long hours of entertainment torturing him. The priests mistake was not killing him outright. Methulsla eventually escaped and reaped a horrible vengeance upon the him. After completing the job and escaping, Methulsla decided he had had enough and retired on the small fortune he had acquired over the years. Eventually he died of natural causes and that would have been that, except the cult followers of Antisiphia dug up his body planning to desecrate it in some particularly horrible way. They discovered that though his soul was gone from the body, the body was still perfectly preserved. Rightly recognizing the powerful magic at work, they peeled his face off of his skull and burned the rest of the body. The face formed itself into a flesh mask which the followers gave to their new lead Krenshar.

The mask is as it appears to be, a mask made from the flesh peeled from Methulsla’s face. When worn the mask conveys the following powers.

  • Regeneration: As per a ring of regeneration
  • Kill with a gaze: Once per day the wearer can shoot death beams from his eyes causing 6d6 damage, target may save for half damage.
  • Change self: As per the 1st level Magic User spell, wearer may use the ability once per day.
  • Undetectable Alignment: The wearers alignment is cloaked from all but the most powerful of magic.
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