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Melnar's real name is unknown at this time, this is the name he used when he assassinated Brandon and this is the name he is known by to Abarat and Evro. It is known that he started out to be a magic user. He did complete school, but grew bored with it very early on and instead presued a career as an assassin. Melnar was very successful at his new trade, primarily because of his ability to acquire new skills very quickly. Over the years he has used these skills to disguise himself and near his targets. He particularly specialized in killing adventurers who had made enemies. Because of his low level skills in casting spells, it was very easy for him to disguise himself as a low level magic user, join the party, terrorize his target for random periods of time, before finally killing them.

His most recent job was to assassinate the Count of Tiglath for General Darov, although he was successful, before he could make a clean getway he was confronted by Abarat whom he had never met before, but seemed to know him by the name Melnar, a name he used more than 2 decades ago to kill Brandon, but not since then. Abarat made an impossible shot throwing a dagger and hitting Melnar in the eye. Men loyal to Darov intervened and engaged Abarat and his companions, allowing Melnar to escape.

Melnar is now the Guild Master of BronzeHelm's Black Boar Inn Chapter of the Assassins guild.

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