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The Sun, the moons and the stars: Caldoom does not have a Sun or Moons in the typical sense. The sun is more like a Cosmic Lamp than a burning ball of gas. During the day it does circle the sky enabling everyone to tell what time it is, in the evening rather than setting, it simply goes out. The explanation for this is the last "Higher Being" to leave at night turns the light out and whoever is first in in the morning, turns it on. It does take the the Lamp a hour or so to cool down and stop giving off light at night, producing a sort of dusk and it takes about an hour for the Lamp to warm up in the morning, which accounts for dawn. When the lamp goes out, the three moons of Caldoom become visible.

Sex in Caldoom: Sex in Caldoom is generally practiced in a free and open manner, multi partner relationships are not uncommon, homosexuality is accepted, nudity is common and prostitution is legal virtually everywhere. In fact, it is is generally the evil societies where sex is restricted and nudity is frowned upon. By extension, only a very few deities require celibacy from their priests and again, it is evil gods who tend require it, not the good ones.

The Great Kender Culling: centuries ago everyone got tired of Kender shit, got together and wiped them out. Today, this is referred to as the Great Kender Culling. It is doubtful any Kender still exist on Caldoom, and if there are any, they stay well away from everyone else and if discovered will deny being Kender, claiming instead to be halflings.

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