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Allies the party has acquired:

Halmaro - The Merchant Prince of Cotedela : This man is extremely wealthy and has an extensive network of contacts all over the island and he is constantly moving commodities from place to place. The group saved Halmaro's daughter Kira from slavers. He paid them very handsomely, however he still feels he owes them a great deal. He will comply with any favor the current groups asks of him as long as they do not ask him to break the law,

Turel - The Kingpin of HighPort : This man is the head of the most powerful crime family on the island, he also has a great deal of legitimate business's as well. He is extremely powerful and utterly viscous. The group liberated a valuable and powerful artifact from the Tower of the Elephant. He bought the object from the party and promised them future favor from his organization. Turel will do nearly anything for the current group, first because they choose to deal with him easily rather than force him to do evil things to them and second, he recognizes them as powerful allies in their own right. He has provided each of the party member with letters of introduction and lines of credit. This opens a lot of doors to them economically and politically.

Acratophorus - Demi God Son of Mal Convoitise : Acratophorus is the personification of Sex, drugs and rock & roll on this plane of existence. He is not omnipotent, but he is a very power wizard and lives a blessed and carefree life. The Group is currently acquiring 5 rare beers from around the island and setting up facilities to make and distribute the beer.

Princess Amaryllis - Born more than a thousand years ago, she was turned to stone while on Holiday from the mainland by mischievous giant building a doll house. She is the eldest daughter of King Darron, the 1st cousin of Emperor Roland, the last ruler of the Bright Empire. Princess Amaryllis was recently returned to the land of the living by the current group, the imperial bloodline is now all but extinct, leaving her as the heir to the Empire, to which she says, "It is my duty and my right to rule this land".

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