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General Information:

    * Population: 500
    * Racial Composition: 95% Human, 5% other (mostly half-orcs, half-elves and Glubb the half-ogre)
    * Ruler: Oldest member makes decisions until the other adults think he is full of shit and get rid of him.
    * Alignment: Neutral
    * Resources: Farming, fishing, trade

Nulb's primary function is as a transportation center. Nulb is the choke point in the river. the large barges can not go any further up river than Nulb. This makes Nulb a very important town, especially to BronzeHelm. The entire length of the river, from BronzeHelm to Phoia is heavily patrolled, especially by Bronzehelm. This is mostly a show of force too remind Nulb it can be squashed like a bug at anytime.

The most powerful organization in Nulb is the "Union", a group of workers who unload goods from the barges and loads them onto wagons for the caravans. The Union can and has in the past, stopped the flow of goods through Nulb by refusing to work and making sure no one else can do the job. This annoys BronzeHelm and the other much larger cities, but they let it be, because they are very good at getting the job done.

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