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General Information:

    * Population: 0
    * Racial Composition: N/A
    * Ruler: N/A
    * Alignment: N/A
    * Resources: N/A

When the first Sojat crossed over from another dimension, he brought previously unheard of technology with him, such as gun powder. Within a few years of arriving he founded the city of Odinian and started annexing land around the city, using his technology to enforce his will. He built what he called "Roman Roads" between Odinian and several larger towns and cities. The rapid growth of Odinian and its otherworld technology frightened the Phoian Wizards Council. To counter the threat, they put assemble an army and sack the city. Although not directly threatened by Odinian, the Prelacie and Mossaud gleefully assisted the Phoian City States in taking her out.

Today Odinian stands abandoned, her buildings crumbling, the earth sowed with salt and the air cursed with a stench.

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