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Olympian Artesians are inspired by the old Oly Beer “Artesian” commercials.

Olympian Artesian AKA: Ale Elemental HACKFACTOR: 1 EP VALUE: 150 CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Artesian Wells FREQUENCY: Very rare ORGANIZATION: Solitary DIET: Ale INTELLIGENCE: Above Average ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good NO. APPEARING: 1 to 4 SIZE: M MOVEMENT: 12 ground, 18 swimming PSIONIC ABILITY: Nil ATTACK/DEFENSE MODES: Nil/Nil MORALE: Average (11) ARMOR CLASS: 6 NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 DAMAGE/ATTACK: 1d4 (Bottle of Ale) or 3d6 (Keg of Ale) SPECIAL ATTACKS: N/A SPECIAL DEFENSES: Invisible MAGIC RESISTANCE: Standard HIT DICE: 3

Olympian Artesians are minor water elementals that take up residence in underground water sources. These creatures love to do two things, make ale and play practical jokes. The practical jokes are never harmful, but can be cruel and often are only funny to themselves. A jolly person who takes their playful antics well can be rewarded with a bottle of “Olympian Ale”, the quality of this ale varies widely. If attacked outside their lair, they will run and hide, using their invisibility to great effect. If their lair is invaded they will viscously defend it to the death. In combat they will hurl bottles of Olympian ale at their enemies, not just to hit and do damage, but also in hopes they will take it as bribe and go away. Each combat round there is a 1 in 6 chance of the Artesian throwing a keg of Olympian ale at the target.

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