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According to common wisdom, a GURPS GM should award between 3 and 5 points per game. My experience with GURPS pretty much bares this out. However, after a couple of interesting conversations on the subject, I have come to the conclusion that giving all those points to player to spend at will is not necessarily the best course of action. Realistically, players will not want to spend points on such things as Reputation and will prefer to enhance skills and attributes. With that in mind, we concocted the following scheme for point expenditure. At the end of my sessions I award the following points;

1 point goes to the player to spend as he sees fit, he may save these points up if he wishes.
1 point goes to the GM to spend on behalf of the Character and will use these points to develop the character in unexpected ways. The GM may save these points if he wishes.
1 point goes into a pool which the player can not access unless there is a minimum of 10 points in the pool. The player may withdraw as many points as he pleases but must spend those points upon withdrawal and can not access the pool again unless or until the points in the pool are 10 or greater.

The last one, the pool is there to allow for large and sudden increases in the characters abilities. This emulates a character who finds an inner strength they didnít know they had, or an ability they had never accessed before. This is common in books, movies and TV and I think adds an interesting dimension to character development. It should also be noted, the GM may take out point loans against the future points the GM receives to spend on behalf of the character. The GM may give out more than 3 points in a game, for instance in my game, the players vote each session for an MVP, who gets a bonus point and the GM may award extra points at his discretion. Usually these points go to the player to spend, but at the GMís option they may go into the pool as well.

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