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Points of Light is Copyrighted by Robert Conely and Goodman Games. Nothing on this page is meant to infringe upon their copyrights, but rather to organize useful information for my players.

Setting Notes:

At this time, no Zealot classes are allowed. As the first couple of adventures progress I will map existing Zealot classes to the gods in this setting.
The Points of Light book refers to Myrmidons as Sarrath's elite fighters, these warriors are of the Soldier class in the Combatant's Guide, page 21 and must be Lawful Evil. They often have the Myrmidon package from page 35 of the Combatant's Guide, although it is not necessary.

Area Descriptions:

Wildland: The fall of the Bright Empire left warring factions in its wake. As savage barbarians and wicked humanoids roam the land, the last bastions of civilization cower behind their crumbling city walls. A dark age has come, and none may live to tell the tale.
Southland: On the frontiers of the Great Kingdom, the nations of men, elves and dwarves join together against the wicked elves of Nighportal Keep and the Orcs of the Bloody Fist. A realm is yours for the taking, if you can carve it from the wilderness.
Borderland: Two factions clash over war-torn fields, battling for dominance in a civil war that that has torn a once-mighty empire in two. When brother strives against brother, and blood runs in the streets, who will emerge to unify the broken land -- and at what cost, peace?
The Swamps of Acheron: In the Outer Planes, amid fetid swamplands and ice-choked mountains, the fell god Sarrath holds court. In a realm where gods stalk the earth, will you dare to take a stand, or will you succumb to evil's siren song and take up the Serpent Banner?


Veritas, the God of Truth and Law (Lawful Good)
Dannu, the Lady of Life and Healing, Wife of Veritas (Neutral Good)
Delaquain, the Goddess of Honor and Justice (Chaotic Good)
Thoth, the God of Knowledge and Wisdom (Lawful Neutral)
Hathor, the Mother Goddess (Neutral)
Caotica, the God of Thieves, Rogues and Con Men (Chaotic Neutral)2
Sarrath, the God of War and Discipline (Lawful Evil)
Mal Convoitise, the Goddess of Lust, Passion and Obsession (Neutral Evil)2
Azeel, the Blood God (Choatic Evil) 1

1 Azeel is also known as Azartac, Baal and Kalis

2 Campaign specific, not in Points of Light

Dungeon Locations:


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