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HackMaster 4 Quick Start Rules

Revision 2.5

1. Roll 3d6 seven times, assign the rolls to attributes as you like and then roll 1d100 to determine the fractional score for each attribute. Additionally roll 3d6 for Honor, no fractional score is rolled.

2. Select race and adjust your attributes accordingly.

 	Dwarf: +1 Constitution, -1 Charisma
 	Elf: +1 Dexterity, -1 Constitution
 	Gnome: +2 Intelligence, -1 Wisdom, -1 Comeliness
 	Gnome Titan: +2 Strength, -1 Wisdom, -1 Comeliness
 	Gnomeling: +1 Intelligence, +1 Dexterity, -1 Wisdom, -1 Strength
 	Half-Elf: +1 Comeliness
 	Half-Orc: +1 Strength, +1 Constitution, -1 Charisma, -1 Comeliness
 	Half-Ogre: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Comeliness
 	Halfling: +1 Dexterity, -1 Strength
 	Human: None
 	Pixie Fairy: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, +2 Comeliness , -6  Strength

3. Select your class. Adjust your attributes according to your class group. The character must meet the attribute and race requirements for the class. Each Character receives maximum Hit Points.

 	Cleric Group: +2 Wisdom
 	Fighter Group: +2 Strength
 	Magic User Group: +2 Intelligence
 	Thief Group: +2 Dexterity

4. Roll 1 Quirk and 1 Flaw from the table below.

 	Alternate Option 1: The player may skip this step, if they choose to do so, the character looses the 2
 	additional random skills received in the next step.

 	Alternate Option 2: The Player may, instead choose a single Quirk or Flaw from the table below, if the player
 	chooses this option, the character will receive only 1 random skill in the next step.
1ClingyLoss of Ear
2GluttonLoss of Eye
3GreedyMale Pattern Baldness
5JerkMissing Finger
6Loud BoorNervous Tick
7MisguidedFacial Scar
8ObnoxiousSleep Chatter
9Pack RatSound Sleeper
10Socially AwkwardStrange Body Oder

5. Assign Skills:

All characters receive the following skills:

 	Language Modern (Merchant Pidgin): Intelligence + Honor Die + 1d10
 	Reading/Writing (Racial Language): Intelligence + Honor Die + 1d10
 	Riding (Horse): Dexterity + Honor Die + 1d10
 	Swimming (Dog paddle): Strength + Honor Die + 1d10

Cleric Group:

	Divine Lore: Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d12
	Religion: 50%

Fighter Group:

 	Armor Maintenance: 100%
 	Weapon Maintenance: 100%

(For the purposes of class skills, treat a Monk as belonging to the Cleric Group)

Magic Users Group:

	Arcane Lore: Intelligence + Honor Die + 1d12
	Spellcraft: 50%

Thief Group:

	Appraising: Intelligence + Honor Die + 1d12
	Street Cred: Charisma + Honor Die + 1d12
	Parley: Charisma + Honor Die + 1d12


	Language Modern (Dwarf): 100%
	Mining: Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d20
	Mountaineering: Strength + Honor Die + 1d20
	Survival, Underground: Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d20


	Fishing: Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d20
	Forage for food: Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d20
	Language Modern (Elf): 100%
	Survival: Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d20


	Calling Dibs: Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d20
	Coin Pile Numerical Approximation: Intelligence + Honor Die + 1d20
	Language Modern (Gnome): 100%
	Slip away into Shadows: Dexterity + Honor Die + 1d20

Gnome Titan:

	Art of the Beating: Strength + Honor Die + 1d20
	Groin Punch: Strength + Honor Die + 1d20
	Kidney Bruiser: Strength + Honor Die + 1d20
	Language Modern (Gnome): 100%


	May choose either Gnome or Halfling skill set.


	May choose either Elf or Human skill set.

Half-Orc and Half-Ogre:

	Flex Muscle: Strength + Honor Die + 1d20
	Intimidation: Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d20
	Language Modern (Common): 100%
	Threat Gesture: Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d20


	Cooking: Intelligence + Honor Die + 1d20
	Culinary Arts: 50%
	Language Modern (Halfling): 100%
	Singing: Charisma + Honor Die + 1d20


	Agriculture: Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d20
	Animal Lore: Intelligence + Honor Die + 1d20
	Language Modern (Common): 100%
	Maintenance: Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d20

Pixie Fairy:

	Graceful Entrance: Charisma  + Honor Die + 1d20
	Language Modern (Pixie Fairy): 100%
	Riding Airborne (Insect): Dexterity + Honor Die + 1d20
	Taunting, Minor:  Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d20

Additionally, each character may roll twice on the following table for additional skills, if the character already has the skill rolled, the player may either re-roll or increase the skill by rolling a 1d8 and adding to the current skill level.

1No additional skill
2Botany: Intelligence + Honor Die + 1d8
3Bowyer/fletcher: Dexterity + Honor Die + 1d8
4Brawler: Strength + Honor Die + 1d8
5Fire building: Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d8
6First Aid (Cauterize Wound): Intelligence + Honor Die + 1d8
7Forestry: Intelligence + Honor Die + 1d8
8Gaming: Charisma + Honor Die + 1d8
9Haggle: Charisma + Honor Die + 1d8
10Heraldry: Intelligence + Honor Die + 1d8
11History (World): Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d8
12Language Modern (Choose): Intelligence + Honor Die + 1d8
13Leather Working: Intelligence + Honor Die + 1d8
14Mapless Travel: Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d8
15Musical Instrument: Wisdom + Honor Die + 1d8
16Reading/Writing (Choose): Intelligence + Honor Die + 1d8
17Seamanship Suite: Dexterity + Honor Die + 1d8
18Seamstress/Tailor: Dexterity + Honor Die + 1d8
19Ulterior Motive: Charisma + Honor Die + 1d8
20Player Choice

6. Choose weapon proficiencies and roll for Magic User spells if appropriate.

7. Roll for starting money on table 4M (PHB Page 80) and equip the character.

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