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There are 9 major gods in the realm, they rarely, if ever manifest directly, they prefer using servants and avatars.

VeritasTruth and LawLawful Good 
DannuLife, Love and HealingNeutral GoodGoddess
DelaquainHonor and JusticeChaotic GoodGoddess
ThothKnowledge and WisdomLawful Neutral 
HathorMother GoddessNeutralGreater Goddess
CaoticaThieves, Rogues and Con MenChaotic Neutral 
SarrathGod of War and DisciplineLawful Evil 
Mal ConvoitiseLust, Passion and ObsessionNeutral EvilGoddess
AzeelThe Blood GodChoatic Evil 

Each of these gods at one time or another have begotten children with mortals. Regardless of who their parent is, these demi-gods are referred to as "Hathor's Children". These demi-gods tend to gravitate to extreme personality types or concepts and become personifications. Unlike the 9 major gods, these demi-gods walk among mortals and routinely interfere with the lives of men, history is littered with the machinations of Hathors children. It is possible to kill one of the children of Hathor, it has happened a handful of time in the last 10,000 years, but it is extremely hard. The children of Hathor can grant spells to clerics and virtually all of them have at least a small following. While the major 9 are always nearly omnipotent, the power levels of Hathors children seems to be based directly on the number of followers they have. All of Hathors Children are some combination of Cleric/Fighter/Magic User/Thief.

AcratophorusMal ConvoitiseChaotic NeutralSex, drugs and rock & roll
AsclepiusDannuNeutral GoodHealing, universal remedy
CringleHathorChaotic GoodWinter Spirit
EnlilSarrathNeutral GoodOne of many personifications of war
ShezmuAzeelNeutral EvilBlood, slaughter and executions
YurgainThothLawful NeutralMagic

Veritas, Dannu, Delaquain, Thoth, Hathor, Sarrath, and Azeel are Copyrighted by Robert Conely and Goodman Games.

Yurgain is copyrighted by Kenzer & Co.

All other listing are either Public Domain or Copyrighted by myself.

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