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Shark skin suit of swimming is in three parts; suit, goggles and flippers. The suit is made from the enchanted hide of a shark, it is smooth and gray. The suit provides an AC of 6 to the wearer and weighs 15 pounds. When combined with the goggles and flippers, the suit will allow the wearer to breath under water for 2 hours, after which the wearer must surface and let the suit recharge for 2 hours. The complete suit will allow the wearer to swim at a speed of 18, however the suit does not act as a Ring of free action, all penalties for being under water apply. Additionally, the suit will provide a +50% swimming bonus to the wearers swimming skill. If the wearer does not have the swimming skill, their skill while wearing the suit is 50%.

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Page last modified on September 17, 2009, at 10:44 AM