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This pair of magic items is loosely based on the items possessed by Elmor Fudd in the 1957 cartoon What’s Opera, Doc?. Separately, these two items are minor magic items, the spear is +1 to hit and damage, the helmet improves the wearers armor class by 1. When used together, their true power becomes apparent. The spear becomes +3 to hit and damage and the helmet improves the wearers armor class by 3. In addition the user has access to the following powers:

4 times per day, the user may effect a change in the weather, as per the 6th level MU spell (PHB pg 228).

Once per day may cause an earthquake as per the 7th level cleric spell (PHB pg 273) cast by a 14h level cleric.

Once per day, the user may shoot a 6d6 lightning bolt at an opponent, the range is 60 feet, the user must make a roll to hit his target and the target may make a save versus spell for half damage.

Once per day, the user may create a billowing mass of smog up to 30 feet away from his position, treat as Stinking Cloud (PHB pg 196) cast by a 6th level Magic user.

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