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Article 1: Membership

A. The three levels of membership
1. Charter Member: Charter member are the original signing member of the group at the time of the companies formation. Charter member can only be expelled by a majority vote of the other Charter members. Upon a Charter members permanent death or removal, the remaining Charter member my at their discretion induct a member into their ranks.
2. Member: Members are those who join the company after its formation. A member may be expelled by any Charter member at anytime or by the majority vote of any party they are with on any specific job.
3. Probationary Members: Any person may be inducted at any time by a majority vote of any company party. Probationary Members have all the rights and privileges of a full member, except they can be removed from the Company or party by any full member or charter member at any time for any reason. Probationary status can be only be lifted by a majority vote of all Charter Members.
B. Non Member Participation
1. Employee: Non-members who are employed by a Charter Member or Member including hireling, henchmen, protege and sidekicks. Employees have no vote and are not entitled full shares of loot or magic items. It is up to the Member or Charter member to pay the expenses of thier Employees. Contracts with employees are between the members and the employee, the company takes no responsibility except upon the death of an employer. Upon the permanent death of a Member, all their Employees will be paid from the members share and immediately discharged from employment, unless another member hires the Employee. If a member fires an employee during the course of a job, it is still the member duty to protect the former employee until such a time as they can be safely returned to civilization. If the former employee is found stealing from the party or plotting against the party, they immediately become prisoners of the party to be dealt with at the party leaders discretion.
2. It is up to the party leader to decide what to do with Prisoners taken during the course of a job, people rescued by the party, employees who have been discharged or people the party has been hired to protect.

Article 2: Treasure Division

A. All non-magical loot is liquidated and the total is divided into shares. The number of shares for any particular job is the number of party members involved plus two.
B. Each full party member involved with the job, will receive 1 share.
C. One share's worth of loot will be divided evenly among all hirelings, henchmen, proteges and sidekicks who were also involved in the job. This is considered a bonus and does not absolve party members from paying agreed upon wages. The party leader is not obligated to pay this bonus and at his discretion, may set the number of shares to party members plus one.
D. One shareís worth of loot always goes to the company treasury to be used for paying expenses, raising dead company members or any cause the company has a majority vote to spend it on.
E. Any magic item found during a job automatically becomes party treasure to be used by the member of the party who can use it to the greatest effect. The party may force the member to relinquish the item at anytime by a majority vote. If the member leaves the group for any reason, they must surrender all party magic items to the company or the party leader before departing. If the member wishes to keep the item permanently, he may pay the party treasury the fair market value of the item. The company or party may give a magic item permanently to the member or reduce the buyout cost by a majority vote.

Article 3: Conduct

A. Any company member who intentionally harms another, will lose all shares for the current adventure, forfeit all party magic items, will be fined 1000 GP and may be expelled from the company by the party leader.
B. Company disputes: Resolution is determined by a majority vote of all present party members.
C. No magic of any kind can be used on a party member without the targetís full consent. Violators of this rule lose all shares for the current adventure, forfeit all party magic items and be fined 1000 GP. The exception to this rule is the casting of healing spells on unconsciousness party members or spells used for raising the dead on dead party members.
D. If any party member dies as the result of anotherís fumble, the fumbler shall pay 75% of the cost to raise the the killed character.
E. If any party member intentionally physically harms another party members hireling, henchmen, protege or sidekick, the offender must pay 1,000 GPs to the employer.
F. The party leader may fine any party member for doing particularly stupid actions which unnecessarily endanger the party. The Fine is at the discretion of the party leader, but may not exceed 1,000 GP per incident. The fine will be distributed by the party leader in one of the following ways, he may have the fine go into the party treasury, he may give the fine to the offended individual or he may distribute the fine according to Article 2 Section A.

Article 4: Other

A. The party leader is elected by a majority vote at the beginning of any job. At that time, the new party leader will appoint a second in command and a party treasurer. All party member agree to abide by all decisions made by the party leader. Orders given during a time of crisis are expected to be carried out without question, the party members maybe fined by the party leader up to 1000 GP for failure to do so, 2000 GP if the failure costs the life of another party member. A party leaders decision my be over ridden by a majority vote of party members in a non-crisis period. A party leader can only be removed during an ongoing job by a unanimous vote during a non-crisis period, not including the party leader himself. In case of removal, death or incapacitation of the party leader, the second in command becomes party leader. It is the party treasures responsibility to collect and catalog all loot found during a job, to give out shares and maintain the share allocated to the company.
B. It is up to each member to have a fully certified "Last Will and Testament" on file with the company. if such a Will is present, it will be carried out. If no will has been made, all of the members worldly goods in the possession of the company become the property of the company to be divided among the party as all other loot and magic items. If it is possible and unless otherwise specified by the Will, the party, upon returning from a job will have the dead member raised from the dead. The company will bear the cost of this up to 3 times, after that, the cost of raising the member will be deducted from his shares and future shares if necessary. The Company reserves the right to choose which spell will be used to raise the Member from the dead.
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