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Prolog: Quest for the Unknown

The twin sisters Fate and Destiny coluded one day to bring five unwitting people together. Ash, Denaric and Raddic, fresh from training and eager to change the world, seperatly headed down the road, only to meet hours before walking into MooseBreath. Arriving, they were met with umease and in the case of the Watch Captain Jonad, outright hostility. When Jonad asked the three to come in for questioning, a short brawl ensued, but calmer minds prevailed. Jonad informed the them that a string of horse thefts had left the towns people edgy and him desprate for suspects. He also informed them that things in the region had been going down hill since the areas protectors, Rogahn and Zelligar had disappeared a year ago and most of the other occupants of the Quasqueton followed suit within months. The three decide to set out to investgate. At the request of Jonad they take the Hobbit Moggie with them, a beggar and small time thief who has been running around MooseBreath for more than a year. The three are now four.

After three fun filled days of being lost in the woods, the four realize, Moggie had been holding the map upside down, once they fixed this they found the Quasqueton with ease. At the Opening they encounter an eccentric Half-Orc by the name of Gronard, who joins the party in hopes of finding his lost kitten, and four becomes five, the stage is set.

After spending almost a day investigating the Quasqueton and figured out at least part of the story, The five decide to return to MooseBreath to make a report to Jonad. While they were making thier report, the earth began to rumble and everyone rushed outside to see what was going on. Off in the horizon, for as far as the eye could see, everything was being consumed by a firey plasma. As they looked on, a rope latter came down from the sky and a voice from above yelled to them to get on board. With only a moment of hesitation, the five start climbing, once aboard, with a burst of great speed, the skyship heads into space. Here, they witness the total destruction of the world. Thier saviour turns out to be Odin, who discover the plot too late to stop it, but decided to rescue the five, to send them back one year into the past, so they could discover the plot and stop it. Odin himself can not do this, because he as all the gods are forbiden from direct intervention with mortals. He choose the Five, for three reasons, first, he knows the plot is related to the Quasqueton somehow and they have been there already, two, movement of great heroes, even through time, would be noticed by the other gods and third, such insignifant mortals would not be noticed or even a threat, at least not at first. The five consent.

These events actually took place over Three games.

Episode One: Midnite Walk

After being witness to the tragic heat death of the world, the five were thrown back in time one year, by Odin too discover who is behind it and to stop it if possible. Moggie of course woke up in a jail cell in MooseBreath and waited patiently for his companions to make thier way back. Denaris and Gronard arived first and rescued Moggie from a lifetime of washing dishes to pay back a debt. Our heroes settled into wait for Ash and Raddic to appear, only to be awakened in the middle of the night by a low eerie horn blowing and all the towns folk mysteriously heading out of town. Moggie, Denaris and Gronard decide to follow to discover what is happening. The trail leads to an old barn and inside the towns people are building s strange machine covering a deep hole and feeding a horse to an unknown creature. Denaric casts Detect Evil and finds the whole place reeks, save for the town folk. The intrepid trio wait for dawn and the apparently innocent town folk to leave, they then lock the creature in a room and proceed to destroy the support beams holding the infernal machine over the hole and start the barn on fire. As they are making thier escape, the creature breaks free only to have Moggie dowse it with a flask of oil, it immeadiatly bursts into flames and as they run from the barn, it explodes into a skyward fireball. The Jonad, the Captain of the Guard, only allows them to stay free because they produced the corpse of the creature and a generous donation to the Retired Guardsmans Fund. Moggie collected up the remains of the creature and sold it to the BarKeep for one year of free room and board for the five (two rooms, three meals a day).

Episode Two: Bnjor

After a couple of weeks waiting, Finally Ash shows up in town, only to find that Denaric is down with the flu. However later in the day, Ash and Gronard recieve a message from Raddic, who has been forced to attend a seminar in Frandor. The messsage indicated they should come to Frandor. A renowed wizard went insane and threatened to kill everyone in the seminar if they didn't listen to him. Before the stasis spell put him out, he ranted about Ragnarok coming and that THEY are among us. Raddic felt this may have something to do with thier mission. Ash and Gronard journey to Frandor and hookup with Raddic, who gives them the name of the wizard, Bnjor, his wife, Greta and where he lives. Ash went to interview the wife, but got very little useful information. Later, both goto visit Bnjor in jail, still very unstable, Bnjor ranted more about Ragnarok, the Destroyer of Worlds is here. He talked of creatures that look human, but bleed oily milk and of the tall black lizard like minions. Yi'Gor and his followers were mere patsies, for a much darker evil, one that used the worlds own people as work horses to build its doom. Bnjor himself built a large golum, assuming it would be a servant or similar, but discovered its real purpose, to house some unamed entity. When he consulted a scrye, it told him to "Find the Ragnarok 5". Unable to get Bnjor released, Ash and Gronard goto have dinner, only to have it interputed by Bnjor's jailbreak. Ash went to see if he returned to his home, while Gronard tried to follow his tracks. Ash was unsuccessful and went looking for Gronard who had found Bnjor's trail, leading into a nearby forrest. Ash with the help of the City watch, finds Gronard in the forrest, just intime to discover the shack Bnjor used to hide his notes, but Bnjor was nowhere to be found. However his wife showed unexpectedly, demanding to know where Bnjor was. When neither Ash nor Gronard was forth coming, she attacked them both wounded her, only to discover she bled oily milk. As Ash and Gronard settled in to get thier asses kicked, Bnjor shows up and kills the Greta creature with multiple magic missles. Bnjor tells them he will contact them when he knows more, but says he must destroy his records out of nessecity and the creature out of revenge. As Ash and Gronard embark back to Frandor, the cabin explodes, with the signature mushroom cloud of the Holy Hand Grenade of AntiAoch.

Episode Three: Mother

When Gronard arrived back at Moosebreath, he finds Denaris has recovered from his long illness, but that Moggie has gone missing. He had told Denaris that he was going to visit his family and would be back in a day or two, this was now a week later. At the same time, Ash, who is still in Frandor, recieves a letter from Denaris telling him that Moggie had went missing. Seperatly, Ash coming from Frandor, Denaris and Gronard coming from MooseBreath set out to find Moggie, whose Mother they know, lives in the Hobbit Burrow, north of Lake Cauldron.The three meet up on the east side of the lake and after a short dicussion, realize the letter sent to Ash was a fake. Now ready for an ambush, they head towards Moggies home town. Even being prepared, wasn't enough, Gronard was duped into drinking drugged tea by Moggies own Mother, while Ash and Denaris were caught by suprise, by a Magic User who cast a sleep spell on them. Ash was immeaditly effected, Denaris, being somewhat immune to such things, decides it is best to play along. Waking up, they discover themselves chained to the wall in a Hobbit Jail along with Moggie. After figureing oout how the feeding schedule was going, Denaris uses a Command spell to bring the guard within distance, then used a Rigor Mortis Spell on him. Taking the keys from the guard, they quickly free themselves and head into the woods, where they found another of the Infernal Machines, this one, much larger and operational. Denaris casts Rigor Mortis on the Magic User, while Ash buries a flaming arrow into him. As the Magic User bursts into flame, the illusion gives way, revealing another of the large black minions. The enslaved towns people, no longer having direction, do nothing but stand around. Gronard and Moggie, reach the machine and pour oil on its wooden frame and light it on fire, the burning minion, then explodes, causing the machine to collapse into its hole. Moggie and Gronard run, but the explosion, catches them. Though the party survives, all the towns people do not.

Episode Four: Allies Part I

After spending the better part of a week burying hobbits, the party breaks into two groups. Denaris and Moggie head back to MooseBreath using the known road and moving Moggies Mother to her new home. Gronard and Ash decide to explore the area between the two infernal machines. Denaris and Moggie have an uneventful return trip back to MooseBreath. Ash and Gronard, though they discover nothing new along the line between the two machines, are attached by bandits, whom they make short work of. Once everyone is back at MooseBreath, it is decided the party should go back to the Quasqueton to investigate, as Odin suggested at least part of the puzzel lay there. Upon return, they are greeted by Marevak, who is the caretaker and administrator of the Quasqueton, the group asks says they are lost and are in need of a place to stay. Marevak, denies the request for a place to stay, but does offer them food, the party excepts. At dinner, they are introduced to Erig, who is the security chief and Melanee, Rogahn's woman. After spending an hour or so shamelessly flirting with Ash, Melanee insists the party spend the night and entertain here with stories of far off adventures. When Erig shows the party to thier rooms for the night, it did not take long for them to discover they had been locked in. Moggie, however, warned by an acute sense of self preservation, developed by years cowardice, escapes the Quasqueton . Realizing the fate of the world depends on him, he decides he needs to gather allies and rescue his friends.

Episode Five: Allies Part IIa

After having sent messages to those closest to the team, Grissel, Tak and Doran answered the call to mount a rescue mission save the team. The team also recriuted Brodie, the bandit who attempted to rob Gronard and Ash, to fill out thier numbers.

This was a very short game due to power outages.

Episode Six: Allies Part IIb

Setting out to the Quasqueton, they discover the going very easy. Doran stayed at the back secret entrance to guard thier escape. The other four made thier way through the very heart of the Quasqueton, passing near and through the guards barracks without being discovered. Only two guards were encountered, the first was quickly sent along his way when Tak used his Jedi mind trick "Seeking Grasping Hand" to give the suggestion he should move along. The second guard was enountered outside the rooms Ash, Gronard and Denaric were being held. Grissel used her own Jedi Mind trick "Naked Elf Chick" to distract the guard while Tak bashed his head in. They then quickley freed the prisoners.

Episode Seven: Freedom, Sweet Freedom

Having freed Ash, Denaric and Gronard, the group sets out to first recover Doran and then clean the Quasqueton out and hopefully get some pay back. Making thier way back through the Quasqueton, with Tak leading the way, they encounter very little resistance, only three Orcs who were rudely awakened from his sleep by Tak. The three Orcs are quickely dispatched and the party moved on. The next encounter did not come until they reached the Trophy room and dispatched Moggie to reteive Doran from watching the back entrance. Just as Moggie and Doran returned and Ash was wondering aloud if the place was in fact deserted, an Org accompanied by 5 Orcs appeared. Amazingly, the newbies preform well, Doran displayed fighting ability which impresses even Gronard and Ash. Grissel suprises everybody by using flasks of water enchanted with the Fire Water spell as grenades. The fight goes fast and easy for the group.

Episode Eight: Quasqueton's End

With the Primary guards of the Quasqueton down and out, the party decides to first investigate the Alter room conataining the Evil Visage of the Demon God Yi'Gor. Upon ether the room, Brodie was assaulted by the noxious fumes eminating from the stone face. After allowing the room to clear, Ash and Doran enter to search the room. Discovering Dark Elvish writing encircling the pit in front of the stone face, Denaris enters the room to read the enscription. The writing is a prayer of vengence, as Denaris reads it, the face comes alive, shooting more noxious gas into the room. Yi'Gor demands to know who the Ragnarok Five are. Ash defiantly tell him they are there to kick his ass and stop his plot to destroy the world. Yi'Gor lashes out at then spewing flame, the Ash slams the door shut, but the door immeadiatly starts to burn and bulge under the fierce fire. They run and make it around the corner just as the room explodes into fire. After the inferno dies down, they discover the Dragon skin on the wall is authentic and that two crossed broad swords and sheild survive unscathed as well. Moving boldly on they discover they way down to the second level where they find a fully operational Infernal Machine guarded by at least two of the black Demons. Knowing that these demons and the machines themselves are very prone to burn and explode, the party hurls all the fire they have at the two demons and then run for thier lives. As they hit the stairs the first two small explosions occure causing the foundation to rock. As they continue to run, more explosions and cracks appear in the ceiling and portion of the floor open up and flames burst forth. As they clear the Quasqueton, it explodes into a fireball and the whole place colapses into a deep crater.

Episode Nine: Interlude

After Watching the Quasqueton collapse into a crater, the party returns to Frandor to unload thier loot. They sold the Dragon skin for 30,000 GP, had the magic items identified and divided the treasure. One of the magic items turned out to be a Flaming Sword, which oddly enough was given to Moggie the torch bearer. With money in hand, the part spends a week re-equiping themselves and training. Moggie spends his cut to become a leveled thief.

    * Claw of Yi'Gor: Long Sword +1, +2 vs. Demi-Humans, +3 vs. Humans
    * HellHound: Broad Sword Flame Tongue (Possible unknown powers)
    * Shield of Missile Defense: Medium Shield +1 AC, +4 AC vs. Missile Weapons
    * +1 Broad Sword (Traded off by Denaris)

On the following week, Bnjor shows up and reveals that over the last several weeks he has been assembling a network of agents to assist the party in stopping Ragnarok. His network includes Radic, who is now underground. Bnjor tells the party he now knows what the machines do, they extract lava from the worlds core, add some unknown element and then pumps it back in. The reason for the obvious vulnerablity of fire the machines have is attributed to this element, but why it is unstable prior to be mixed with the lava is unknown. It also did not help that the Ragor Demons used to guard the machines were very vulnerable to fire themselves and tended to explode. The Ragor Demons have now been replaced with other minions and the machines are better protected now. Bnjor now has a three part plan, first, cut off the source of the element, second, cut off the supply of slaves used to build the machines and third, find the Golem he built and destroy it. Bnjor advises the party that he will provide information and support to them, but that they are the choosen of Odin and ultimately it is thier job to succeed.

Episode Ten: The Road to Chaos

Now knowing they need to head for the Mines of Chaos, the group decides to check the rumor mill to see what information the can gather before they go. They discovered a Grel named Morangia who had visited the mines, there is a crazy old man who lives in the woods who may know something, There may be a tunnel from Keep Perfect to the mines and there is an abandoned Temple, which is somehow linked to the mines.. They tracked Morangia to a taveran named The BlackBoar, a front for an unamed CrimeLord in Frandor. When the group meets with hostility and Ash nearly gets himself killed, the group finds Morangia as he tries to escape from the taveran. Morangia has very little real information, other than a group of Mercenaries are hiring workers for the mine. The group begins it journey to the mines and decide to stop off at the Temple and discover a tunnel hidden behind the statue of Pagnyr'Parkus, which lead in the general direction of the mines.

Episode Eleven: Gronards Wedding Day

The group enters the Kobold Quarter of the Mines through a secret door at the end of the tunnel from the Temple. The first room they come across is the trash dump, the scent of a hobbit makes the Otyugh living in the garbage pile hungry and it attacks Moggie. The group makes fairly short work of it and they move on. The group slaughters kobolds until they discover a torture chamber and four kobolds who throw darts at Moggie. For reasons unknown, Hell Hound chooses this moment to express itself, it howls and everything including the party are frozen in fear. Moggie, apparently under the control of Hell Hound proceeds to kill the four helpless kobolds with prejudice. Once the slaughter is over Moggie drops to his knees and vomits. Ash expresses concern and suggests Moggie get rid of it, Moggie feels he can control it, but sheaths it anyway. The party shortly there after enter the Master bedroom of the Kobold Chief, who throws down the a gauntlet and challenges Gronard to a dual of honor. Gronard engages the creature in an intense battle but overcomes him, when the battle is over, five female kobolds come out of another room and kneel in front of Gronard, present him with the Battle Axe the Chief was using and the called him "Master, Husband".

Episode Twelve: The Great Kobold-Rat War

As the party delved deeper into kobold territory, the party discovers the mess hall, which had been taken over by Giant Rats. The Rats had cornered a group of kobolds in the kitchen and the two factions had been at war for days, sadly, the Rats had been winning. That is until the party came through and slaughtered both sides. Episode Thirteen: Kobold's End

The party continues thier slaughter of drunken kobolds, effectively eliminating 90% of the kobold population before moving on to another sections of the mines.

Episode Fourteen: Hobble Goble

After finishing the kobold milk run, the party passes into the territory controled by HobGoblins. In the first room they encounter 14 of the creatures. First they attempt to engage them with missle weapons, but they quickly decide sword and axe will do the job faster. Three of the creatures decide to flee rather than die. The HobGoblins then attempt to draw the party into an ambush, but the plan is foiled when Denaris discovers the plot, he and Moogie spike the doors shut before they can spring the trap. Ash and Gronard push straw filled Targets from the training area into the hallway and when the HobGoblins attempt to overrun them, they start the target on fire, again forcing the HobGoblins to retreat.

Episode Fifteen: Poison Ash

After allowing the smoke to clear, the party pushes deeper into Hobgoblin territory. They discover the main meeting hall/Throne room. It is in this room, Ash nearly met his maker. Moogie attepted to detect traps on a door in the throne room, but failed and when the door was opened, both rooms were filled with poison gas. The gas most effected the already heavily wounded Ash. Choking and dying Ash gulps down a a potion which is a mix of three unknown potions. Fortunatly for Ash two of the three potions turned out to be healing potions and restored enough of his health to survive the poison. The group was still forced to hole up in order to regain enough strength to continue. Once recovered the party moved on, however they discovered the Hobgoblins had attempted to setup an ambush for them, which ultimately failed. The Hobgoblins ended up divided and were easily routed. The escaping Hobgoblins lead the party into a room where they were locked in with an Owlbear.

Episode Sixteen: Walker

As Ash moves in for an attack on the Owlbear, the party is envoloped by white light and seemingly transported to a place of expansive white. To thier suprise Raddic is also there, but was unable to provide any explanation either. Little time passes though before the purpose is revealed, the party is approached by a stranger who comes out of nowhere, who seems to know of thier mission, but wonders why Odin chose them and not a proven hero. After questioning on both sides, the stranger leaves the them with the ominious message "They are coming and you are not ready". With that they are returned to the real world to slay the Owlbear. Once the Owlbear is dealt with, the party quickly realizes the hobgoblins have abandoned this level, retreating up. When they find the stairs leading up, the the Hobgoblins are waiting for them, they shoot flaming arrows into barrels full of greek fire, which explode. They survive and quickly formulate a plan to. Moogie crawls into the room crying for help and when the hobgoblins run in for the kill, the Ash, Gronard and Denaris run in as well, turning the ambush back on the hobgoblins.

Episode Seventeen: Turning Point

Upon reaching the new level, it quickly became apparent they had wiped out any meaningful Hobgoblin resistance. The party discovers a room full of kerosene drenched barrals, containing greek fire and two barred up and abandoned tunnels leading to the mine, however it doesn't take them long to find the main entrance to the mine. Upon entering the mines proper, they discover Bnjor's Golem facing the entrance to a large tunnel. The Golem is loaded down with a large backpack being load with unknown materials. Gronard formulates a plan to roll barrals of Greek fire down the abandoned tunnels, while Ash shoots the barrals with flaming arrows. This of course works entirely too well, as there is tons of the unstable mineral used by the Minions of YiGor, down in the mines, it ignites and the party once again find themselves running for thier lives as the place collapses around them.

The party returns to Frandor and divy the treasure, discovering along the way that many of the tunnels from the mines came very close to Frandor. After visiting the Mages Academy to have several magic items identified, they party returns to the Inn to find Raddic waiting for them. As it turns out, the Minions of YiGor have made thier move. They easily infilitrated the resistance group Bjnor was trying to put together and almost similataniously wiped out every agent Bnjor had recruited, Bnjor himself had not been seen in days. Raddic had also heard rumors that MooseBreath had been razed as well. The party breaks into smaller groups and sneaks out of Frandor for fear of being followed. Arriving in MooseBreath the group discovers the main street is lined with the bodies of everyone in the town, including Moogies mother, staked in classic "Vlad the Impaler" style. The party somberly buries and honors the dead. Gronard burns the stakes used to murder them and Moogie swears a blood oath of revenge.

Episode Eighteen: The Grassy Gnoll

After burying the dead, the 5 pickup the trail of the attackers, whom are heading north towards Cauldron lake, however not more than a few hours out, the trail turns west. During the night the group is attacked by a patrol of Gnolls. Because the Gnolls are well equiped and trained, the party assumes these are a part of the larger group that raided MooseBreath. One Gnoll survives the battle, the group nails the Gnoll to a tree and leaves him in Moogies care. As they sit waiting for sunrise, they smell burning fur and flesh and hear the distant howl of Hell Hound (Moogies Flaming Sword). They continue to follow the trail and eventually leads them to the Gnoll lair. While Raddic and Denaris rest and recoup spells (guarded by Gronard), Moogie and Ash setup an observation post and watch the Gnolls. Ash notes that a patrol leaves the lair roughly every 4 hours, on or around the time another one returns. He also notes that not being very smart they are following the same route every time. Ash developes a plan to kill as many of the patrols as possible before storming the lair. The first ambush is carried off with cunning accuracy.

Episode Ninteen: Gnoll toll

In an attempt to reduce the number of Gnolls to be dealt with inside the lair, the party sets up another ambush and kills another patrol, bringing the toll to 18. Once night fell, Raddic cast an invisibilty spell on Moogie, who then sneaked past the two Gnoll guards at the entrance and scouted the inside. Once back outside, Moogie plants a daggar in the back of a Gnoll, its howl of pain being the signal for the others to engage them. The guards are easily dispatched and the group enters. Once inside they come once again before the evil visage of Yi'Gor, the door they entered through disappears, Yi'Gor tells them he is tired of thier meddling and opens a gate, Raddic is sucked in and Ash Heroicly leaps after him, the others follow suit.

Episode Twenty: Frandor or bust

Upon awakening the intrepid adventurers find themselves in a dark and gloomy place, Raddic and Moogie are nowhere to be found. A forrest where the trees are black gnarled parodies and the land is covered in a haunting perpetual fog. As they attempt to gain thier barrings, the group comes upon a man tied to a tree and oviously beaten. When Denaris cuts the man free, 12 arrows are fired at the man, killing him instantly and wounding Denaris. The party persuits the attackers, but when it boecomes obvious they are being lead, they shear off and stop. They then demand parley and the the leader comes out and introduces himself as Nycra. These disfigured humanoid creatures assumed the party was stealing thier food and acted only out of preservation, this upset Denaris who rightly believes People are not Food. Ash attempts to find out where they have landed, but Nyca only says, we are in Caldoom and knows nothing else. Nycra suggests the party seek out Rahmenah who may know more and may be able to help them. Nyca and his hunting party lead them to what appears to be an abandoned temple. Inside the main room, the guardian statue animates and proceeds to attack. After dispatching the guardian a door opens allowing access to the lower levels. Once below, they enter a room which smells of sulphur and has a beaked demons head engraved on the wall. BUsting down doors, the contiue on to discover the room where the smell is coming from, but can not enter it because of deadly fumes.

Episode TwentyOne: Rahmenah

Rahmenah's temple turned out to be a very dangerous place, infested with undead. The first encounter was with 10 skeletons, whom Denaris easily turned. Not all of the undead were so easily dealt with. when the party came across a room locked by a magic seal, that which kills cats, over came them and the broke the seal and entered the room. Inside they discoved a Wraith who had not eaten in decades. The thing was quickly killed, but not before feeding on Ash. Eventually, they do find Rahmenah, who does offer to send them back where they came from, if they will retreive a book Rahmenah lent to an old enemy, Aethering.

Episode TwentyTwo: Nyca

After refusing Rahmenah's deal, the party connects up with Nyca, who explains to them that Caldoom is ruled by five evil masters; Rahmenah, Philosphos, Arad, Aethering and Rahmenah's brother Thulcondar. Nyca explains that probably any of the five masters could help them. Nyca gives them a map and directs to each of 5 masters lairs. The Party chooses to visit the Dragon Lord Arad first.

Episode TwentyThree: Du Lac

After finding a small town near the Crypts of Arcadia and renting a room using corndodgers to barter, the party sets out to find Arad. The towns people were all to happy to tell the Party where the Dragon lives. They can either goto the main entrance to the Dragons lair or they can sneak in through the tunnels which lay under the graveyard. The party chooses the stealth method and enters through the graveyard. Once they enter the Crypts, they come across the first tortured soul, a ghost who only speaks in whispers. They then come across a large room where a great battle took place and the good guys lost, but the dead men told thier tale and provided the party with a map to the crypts. Choosing the most direct route, they come discover a statue. The statues eyes moved and its face was stuck in perpetual fear. It slowly grinded out its words and asked the party to kill it. Instead Denaris cast remove curse freeing the tortured soul from its prision.

Episode TwentyFour: Arad

Having released the tortured soul, the party discovers Du Lac is a Paladin who, with his friends came here to destroy Arad, only to loose the battle and be cursed for thier trouble. The party quickly releases the other two. Going more or less directly to Arads lair, a squad of rather tough looking demons prevent Du Lac, Hrolf and Lykos from entering, but allowed Denaris, Gronard and Ash to pass. AS the party went into Arads Lair, they hear the fight start outside. Arad tell the group, it is not thier destiny to kill him or any of his brothers, that is for those who come after them. However, Arad and the other Masters are caught in a difficult postion, kill the Ragnarok 5 and allow the world to end, this would have little effect on the Masters as they can escape back to thier own dimension. Or he can send them back to where they came from and possibly set into motion the undoing of the five masters. Gronard convinces Arad, it is in his best interest to allow them to save the world. Arad sends them home.

Episode TwentyFive: Bnjor Legacy

Once back in Frandor, the group goes to the "3 Leaves to the Wind" Inn to see if Bnjor left any messages for them prior to his death. It turns out he did. There is a map, directions and a contact name, Dame Silver. The party quickly re-equip themselves and head to Linkard. The trip is a a fight from end to end. Fearsom creatures out for blood and bandits out for money. It is a long and difficult journey. Once in Linkard, they discover they were expected and easily make contact with Dame Silver. She advises them that a more important mission has come up, than dealing with the slavers. Yi'Gor has changed tactics, instead of using many, many small infernal machines, he has decided to use just a few VERY large ones. She has the locations of three machines, which are currently fully functional. Instead of being guarded by meer towns people and weak demons, these new machines are guarded by clans of giants.

Episode TwentySix: Villa of the Hill Giant Part I

Dame Silver lent the party a wagon mounted Balista, four men at arms and one thief from the dungeons named Brodie. The same Brodie who was stupid enough to try and rob Ash and Gronard, got an ass whooping instead. After a long grueling journey, the party arrives at the Villa of the Hill Giants. Leaving behind Doran, Juli and the 4 men at arms to secure thier retreat, the others get into the Villa via climbing the walls. Once inside, they begin scouting for the machine. Episode TwentySeven: Villa of the Hill Giant Part II

Inside the villa, there seemed to be a party going on, which distracted the giants from the parties intrusion into thier lair. They mad short work of a sleeping giantess who was holding a Half-Elf Magic User named Kalatrantric hostage. Freeing him, the party continues on, finding a magic mace which tried to dominate Ash, but quickly found out that controling Ash is a difficult task, when Ash has trouble controling himself. The mace was hidden in the Villa by its previous owner prior to his death. The Mace was made to slay giants and is somewhat intellegent, able to speak all the giants languages. The Mace told Ash the infernal Machine is on the lower level.

Episode TwentyEight: Villa of the Hill Giant Part III

The party heading downstairs, comes across Ogres and several human/demi-human slaves. Grissell, uses Invisablity to scout the area and ensure there is no suprises. The Ogres are fairly easy to defeat and they recruit several ex-slaves to lead them to the infernal machine. The ex-slaves also tell them there is an underground river which might be used to escape once the machine is destroyed. The party, helped by the ex-slaves, retrieve 2 boats Grissell found while scouting around. Episode TwentyNine: Villa of the Hill Giant Part IV

Once into the cavern complex, The party can hear the low rumble of a fully operational Infernal Machine, it does not take long to track down the machine. With a volley of fireballs from Grissells wand, the machine explodes leaving the party to once again escape while the complex is collapsing around them.

Episode Thirty: Ambush

On the way south, the party comes encounters a barrier across the road. Which of course (no suprise to anyone) is an ambush by a Mage, two of Yi'Gor s Automata and four flunkies. The battle is not short, but the outcome is still the same. Episode ThirtyOne: the Glacial Cliffs of the Frost Giant Part I

After having stripped the bodies of thier would be ambushers, the party continues onto thier next destination, the Glacial Cliffs of the Frost Giants. Finding several caves along the cliffs to hide thier rally point, the party decides to use thier newly aquired Bag of Holding to sneak thier wagons and equipment into one of the abandoned caves, after that they head into the Lair proper. Right off the bat, the party encounters 3 Frost Giants. One was asleep, and was dispatched by Kal who slit its throat. The other two, were more difficult, requiring a frontal assault.

Episode ThirtyTwo: the Glacial Cliffs of the Frost Giant Part II

The party explores further into the caverns, after defeating the previous Frost Giants only very narrowly, they decide to use stealth. They successfully sneaked past a room full of Frost Giants and another room full of Orges. While scouting ahaed, Kal comes face to face with a Frost Giant, knowing he can not defeat it and the rest of the party far behind, Kal uses his Wand of Conjuration to summon a hellish cat like creature, as soon as Kal ordered it to attack, the creature gave a blood curdling howl which caused untolf fear in all who heard it, Kal was able to resist it, but the Frost Giant was not and it fled with the cat on its heels. The creatures howl alerted the Ogres and the other Frost Giants. The Ogres were quickly defeated, along with another Frost Giant, but the place had been alerted tho thier presence and they were forced to escape and hide in a meat freezer storage area. Only to be discovered by two Frost Giants, who were defeated as well.

Episode ThirtyThree: the Glacial Cliffs of the Frost Giant Part III

Deeper exploration brings the party to the throne room of the Frost Giant King, where they over hear a conversation. The giants know the party is there, who they are and what thier mission is. The giants setup a suprise for the party. The party discovers a door which they can hear the rumble of the machine, but it is heavily trapped.

Episode ThirtyFour: the Glacial Cliffs of the Frost Giant Part IV

The Group decides to search other areas before dealing with the machine. They discover a room where there are magic portals to other locations, one to the former location of the Hill Giants, one to the location of the fire giants and one to a location unknown. Deciding this is thier best escape route, they decide to tackle the machine. They fire a fireball at the trapped door, only to discover it was a poison gas trap, the poison gas was also explosive. This opened the stairway to the machine. Rushing in, they discover the suprise is an Adult White Dragon, who immeadiatly breaths his cone of cold. Gronard takes it full on, killing him and Kal nearly dies. Brodie and Ash grab thier bodies and retreat to safety, where Denaris raises Gronard from the dead.

Episode ThirtyFive: Hall of the Fire Giant Part I

After allowing Gronard to recover from the system shock of death, the group decides to approach the Dragon in a different manner. They decide to parley with it, the party offeres to free the dragon from its magic bindings in exchange for allowing the party to destroy the machine. The Dragon reluctantly agrees, giving them until the Frost Giants come to give him his next meal. Denaris, calls on Odins power, to dispel the magic, and fails. After prayer and meditation, he tries again, and this time Odin smiles upon them and removes the binding spell. Ash attempts to further the truce, the Dragon will only say "I promise nothing, however, if we meet again and it is to my advantage, I will not eat you.". With the Dragon gone, Gronard blasts the machine and everyone runs for the Magic Portal which leads to the hall of the Fire Giant, on the way up the stairs they encounter a Frost Giant coming to feed the Dragon, when he sees and hears the explosion, he runs for the portal leading to parts unknown. Once through the portal they encounter two Fire Giants were there prepared for there arrival, however the party dispatches them with some difficulty and they begin thier deeper exploreration the the hall.

Episode ThirtySix: Hall of the Fire Giant Part II

Deciding to take a more stealthy approach this time. The group attempts to move quietly through the halls. They come upon an office which has a Dwarf bookkeeper and his 4 Gnoll bodyguards. The dwarf immeadiatly becomes invisible attempting to pull a couple of sneak attacks. However the 4 Gnoll and the dwarf are killed in short order and the party ransacks the office, discovering the dwarf had been skimming money off the operation and the Gnolls were equiped in Drow Elfin Chain. Next door, they discover the meeting room with two hidden alcoves. One contains nothing but minutes of various meetings, while the other has a marble box in it. Kal is nearly killed when he tries to open the box and 6 poisoned arrows strike him. Denaris again saves the day with a Odins blessing.

Episode ThirtySeven: Hall of the Fire Giant Part III

Further exploration and mayhem by the party, leads to the discovery of the main kitchen and the slaughter of the Fire Giant Kitchen wenches. Taking several Gnoll prisoners, they quickly find the way Down to the Machine.

Episode ThirtyEight: Hall of the Fire Giant Part IV

With a captured Gnoll leading them, under threat of torture and death, the Party encounters almost no reisistance as they move closer to the machine. Stopping only to seal the enterance to what Denaris felt to be a VERY BAD place. Once they found the machine and attempted to destroy it with a fireball, they discovered it was nothing more than an ellaborate illusion. Moving back through the Hall, they discover the entire place is now deserted and the gateway portal has been shut down.

Episode ThirtyNine: The Winds of War

Emerging from the now abandoned Fire Giants Lair, the party head back to Linkard. Within a day or so they meetup with the B team, Grissell, Juli, Doran and Vorat, who took the slow route. Along the way however, they picked up a few straglers. The Wrath of Odin, 800 zealots ready for Valhalla. The Silver Regiment, Dame Silvers own Army, 1200 strong. Kobolds, Thousands and Thousands of Kobolds, brought together by Gronards kobold wives telling the tale of the great warrior who now bares the "Axe of the Kobold Chiefs". Denaris, Ash and Gronard immediatly assume command of thier new found army and head to the desert of Flamaar, where the armies of darkness are gathering to free Yi'Gor. The party arrives two months later, on the eve of the day Odin first sent them through time to stop Yi'Gor. Upon arrival they see the Vogon mothership has arrived and is preparing to free Yi'Gor from his prison. Odin arrives as well, bringing with him his son Thor and 100 Valkayeres to join the battle. Odin brings the party aboard his skyship and tells them, Thor and your army will deal with the army of darkness, I will deal with Yi'Gor, that leaves you to deal with the Vogons.

Episode Forty: Ragnarok

With a final farwell, Odin leaps off the SkyShip to engage Yi'Gor, Leaving our heroes to quickly learn how to fly the ship and use the catapults. The fight below began in earnest when Ash catapulted a barral of Greek Fire into the center of the Yi'Gors Army. They then steered the ship towards the Vogon Motherhip. The Vogons appeared to ignore the Party until they started dropping Greek Fire on it. Though it did not seem to do much damage, a smaller ship was sent out to engage them. The small fighter ship spit fire at the ship causing it to rock and shutter. The ship was destroyed by Magic Missles from Kal and barrels of Greek fire, thrown by Ash and Gronard, enhanced by Strength spells. The ship then moved over the top of the mothership and around to make a run underneath. They saw a gigantic portal opening underneath illuminated by great light. The catapult several barrels at it cause great disturbance. Four more smaller ships appear, Kal Steers the ship around to make another run at the portal, but the small ships attack destrying the ships ability to manuever or stop. On a collision course for the Vogon Mothership, Ash maked everyone swear a blood oath to get him resurrected, everyone agrees, Ash makes everyone get into the Bag of Holding and he makes a swan dive overboard, as the ship collides with the Vogon Mothership in a massive exposion. As Ash is making his final decent, A Valkyrie spots him and intercepts his fall saving him from a sure death. The Vogon Mothership falls to the earth as Ash and the Valkyrie escape its airspace. Bringing Ash safely to the ground, the Valkyrie kisses Ash deeply and tells him he is very brave and to call her when the war is over. Ash releases the others from the bag, only to be directly confronted by Yi'Gor. He quickly casts a spell, chanting "To me a piece of you, To you a piece of mine!". From each of the party a glowing light appears and zooms towards Yi'Gor and from Yi'Gor appears five black spots headed towards the party. But before the spell is complete, Odin tackes Yi'Gor and all the Lights and the Black spots zoom into the sky converging and then expoding into five meteors which then fell back to earth hundreds of miles apart. The group the joins the war. The fight is long and hard, but with the Vogon mothership down and Yi'Gor defeated, the outcome is not in question. With the war won, Odin grants each of them a ring and wish and to Ash the Valkyrie Hilda's "Phone Number". Odin departs and the final credits roll.

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