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1957: The captain of the Black Shark decides he wants to retire from the world and live out the rest of his life in Tanelorn. The elders of Tanelorn would only admit him if he separated the Shark from the Dagger of the Necromancer, putting it in the guardianship of the demon Zuggtmoy.

1977: Arbusto, the nephew of the Chanceller of BronzeHelm concocts a plan to make himself ruler of the known world. Arbusto is a brilliant long term thinker and begins setting things in motion.

1980: The Sojat family crosses over from another dimension and introduces gun powder into the world. The Sojats quickly found the city of Odinian and start annexing land around the city.

1981: The rapid growth of Odinian and its otherworld technology frightens the Phoian Wizards Council. To counter the threat, they put assemble an army and sack the city.

1982: Arbusto disguises himself as a follower of Byzangi and railroads a group of adventures into recovering the Black Shark from Tanelorn. The Shark ends up land bound in BronzeHelm as an expansion to a local Inn.

1983: Arbusto convinces a Lizardman Shaman to summon a fire elemental in the coal mines of Derricks Deep, which killed several member of the BronzeHelm City watch who were sent to stop it and sent the community of Derricks Deep adrift as nomads. Arbusto uses his dark magic to scar many children in and around the area and then feeds a "Prophesy" to the people, that one day these scarred children would return them to their homes.

2002: The Ragnarok Five adventuring party witness the end of the world and are flung back in time 1 year by Odin to change history and save the world.

2005: After years of training the scarred children of Derricks Deep venture forth to find the powerful magic they will need to to defeat the fire elemental. The reality is, Arbusto really wants them to kill the demon Zuggtmoy who is the guardian of the Necromancer dagger, The Axe of Dwarven Lords and FragHack. During this time, Arbusto's Cousin Vorad is slain by Odins Chosen One Abarat. Arbusto breaks off the Paladin T'raan from the group and sends her to kill Abarat, instead they become fast friends and allies. After Zuggtmoy is dead and the artifacts freed, Arbusto takes the items by force. The Paladin T'raan leads a party adventurers into Arbusto's fortress in BronzeHelm. Sildar, a hafling thief breaks into the vault containing all the artifacts stolen by Arbusto. A great battle ensues beween Sildar and Arbusto ending in a stalemate,Arbusto is gravely wounded and Sildar is thrown clear of the final explosion and comes conscience miles away from the scene of the fight holding only the The Axe of Dwarven Lords, the other artifacts he used against Arbusto are lost.

2006: Abarat and T'raan lead an expedition in the Dark Tower to destroy the Lich who resides there. Although the Lich is finally killed, Abarat and T'raan are killed during the final conflict. T'raan is raised from the dead later that year to help defend the town of MidWinter from a marauding horde of Orcs. Abarat's body is stolen by the Pixie Berserker Thorn and has him raised from the dead, however, Thorn being a Pixie of very little brain, takes Abarat to a Cleric of Loki and instead of returning as the Chosen One of Odin, he returns as the Chosen One of Loki.

2007: The Anti-Abarat takes control of the Black Shark using the Heart of a Necromancer. He finds the last Sojat and has him make a cannon for the Shark. With the flying warship armed with cannons, Abarat quickly decimates the Tiglath army and takes control of the city. At the insistence of the White Sisters of BronzeHelm, T'raan forms a group of powerful adventurers, who take the Dagger of the Necromancer and destroy it using a sphere of annihilation. Then return to Tiglath to confront and destroy the Anti-Abarat in which they are successful.

2009: Arcanis sets in motion a plan which culminates into the Great Sacking of BronzeHelm on the evening of the winter celebration of Saturnalia. Arcanis invaded BronzeHelm with his many allies, 15 minutes into the battle, the infamously corrupt and incompetent BronzeHelm CityWatch surrendered, in spite of this the battle raged until dawn when Arcanis stepped over the dead body of Arbusto and assumed the throne as the Invincible Overlord.

2017: Arcanis has solidified his power base in the city. He once again outlawed the Thieves, Assassins and Beggers Guilds. He raided all three guilds and had all known member arrested in a single night, effectively eliminating them for several years. He also cleaned up the notoriously corrupt and incompetent city watch, turning them into a very effective force of law and order. Arcanis has also created the worlds most complex bureaucracy, there is said to be buildings dedicated to housing all the rules, regulation and laws governing everyday life in BronzeHelm.

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