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Hecate, in a union with a mortal, gave birth to a male child, whom she named after her father, the Titan Dymas. Hecate, Queen of the Crossroads, appointed her son the Guardian of the Crossroads. For centuries Dymas protected the crossroads and ensured all could safely pass. This included helping various heros through metaphorical crossroads in their lives. At some point, Dymas came into direct conflict with his mother and she punished him by binding him to a staff and then gave the staff to a blind man whom carried him around for decades. Upon the mans death Hephaestus took pity upon Dymas and retrieved the staff from the blind mans grave. Hephaestus mounted a mitheral spear head to the staff so even in his punishment, he could carry out his duties as Guardian of the Crossroads. From then on the spear has changed hands many times. The spear is rarely associated with the name of a hero, but more often with the names of companions, those who have helped the hero on his path to glory.

The Spear of Dymas is a +4 spear. It grants the user the ability to speak any language as if it was his native tongue. If the user is literate in even one language, the user may also be able to read any language. If the current user of the spear is of Lawful alignment and there is a hero on a quest in need of assistance, Dymas will make the owner of the spear his Chosen One. Upon appointing his chosen, the spear becomes +8 versus those who are actively trying to stop the designated hero from accomplishing his task. The spear also does double damage to those who seek to thwart the hero.

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