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This magic item is usually made by a necromancer who wishes to preserve some special knowledge of a particular person, or as a particularly nasty punishment, without granting them powerful undead abilities . In preparation for the spell the caster must have a magic jar constructed and mix a special liquid which will contain the head for all eternity. The jar must be made of the finest materials and must cost a minimum of 1000 GP to manufacture. These jars are often made of the finest crystal framed by gold, platinum and sometimes mitheral. The Jar can only be constructed by a person with the jeweler skill of at least 50%. The jar will have 1 HP per 1000 GP invested in its construction up to 100 HP. If the jar is damaged it will require 100 GP per hit point of damage to repair. The jar can only be repaired by a Jeweler with a skill level of at least 50%. If the jar reaches 0 HP the head inside will be instantly destroyed. As long as the jar is intact, the head can exist outside of the jar for 1 minute per hit point the jar has, once that time is exceeded the head is instantly destroyed. The head can hear, see and talk as it did in life.

The head has the personality, knowledge and memories the person had in life. The person retains all mental quirks and flaws. The person also gains 1d4 personality quirks, flaws or disadvantages. The person automatically gain the “Photographic Memory” talent. If the person was a spell caster in life, they can still memorize spells, but can only cast spells which have only verbal components, if the person had the “Still Casting” Talent in life, then they may also cast spells with a somatic component.

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