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General Information:

    * Population: 5,000
    * Racial Composition: 65% Human, 10% Elf, 10% Dwarf, 10% Undead, 5% other
    * Ruler: Business Oilgarchy
    * Alignment: Lawful Evil
    * Resources:

Valnis is run by a loose cartel of business men within the community. This cartel retain a small mercenary unit in the area to keep the peace. The mercenaries are regularly changed out to keep any one unit from becoming entrenched.

Valnis was formally on of the fortified towns in middle Caldoom and was known as C'Valnis. However, the city walls and fortifications have fallen into disrepair and over time people started referring to it as simply Valnis.

At the center of Valnis is the old fortress. The fortress has been taken over by a group of Undead creatures. The inhabitants of the fortress have made a pact of mutual protection with the towns folk. Although there are occasional problems, for the most part the pact is maintained and followed. Criminals who have been convicted of particularly heinous crimes and condemned to death are often fed to the undead to help keep them in line.

Valnis is the home town of the infamous adventuring company The Companions of Xarth. The Companions own several business's in town and have forced their way into the cartel that runs the town. The Companions do not always get what they want, however, they are wealthy and powerful, and therefore most reasonable requests of the cartel are granted. The Companions are also heavily invested in the protection of the town and any major disruption will draw at least 2 or 3 members, who will likely deal with the situation quickly and decisively.

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