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Zymmer Blakfoot was but 3 years old when the Tragedy of Derricks Deep occurred. He was not among the chosen, the so called Scarred Children. Those picked by destiny to free Derricks Deep from The Fire Gawd. Zymmer grew up in the shadow of his older cousin Sildar Blakfoot, who was one of the Scarred Children. Zymmer was in no way resentful of Sildar and in fact idolized him, however, Zymmer was a problem child and was often caught committing petty crimes and torturing small furry woodland creatures.

After Sildar and the others left on their quest, Zymmer also left, in search of his own destiny. He wandered aimlessly for months supporting himself doing what he did best, stealing. Through a letter from home, he discovered the Paladin T'raan, one of the Scarred Children had broken off from the others to undertake another mission and was headed to Tiglath. Zymmer saw his chance to be a part of something bigger than himself.

Zymmer has turned away from his life of crime and pledged his loyalty to the Paladin T'raan and is a good man at heart. With that said, he is still a scrappy little street fighter who thinks nothing of a good old fashioned knife in the back or a sucker punch. He is a chronic lair and forger, unfortunately he is not very good at either. Zymmer would never directly steal from any of his companions, however he does not tend to be forthcoming about everything he finds . Because of these traits, his companions do not tend to think very highly of Zymmer, he is aware of this, and it does get him down, he does want thier respect, he tries very hard to be good and contribute to the mission.

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