The public executioner at Rome, who executed persons of the lowest rank; hence, an executioner or hangman.

About is my personal website where I post about technology, comic books, science fiction/fantasy literature, Dungeon & Dragons and anything else that tickles my fancy. There is the occasional NSFW post and I do drop the “F” bomb with frightening regularity, so if you are easily offended, you should probably not be here. On that note, while I do sometimes express myself in this manner, it is because I like sex and believe swearing is a perfectly legitimate way to expressing oneself. However, being a racist, a misogynist or being homophobic is not a political system, it is not a religious belief or even an opinion, it is you being a shitty person. You are free to disagree with me, but please do it somewhere else.

I have turned comments off, if you know me and want to have a conversation about something I wrote, email me or hit me up on Facebook. If I don’t know you, then well I don’t care if you want to talk to me or not.