The public executioner at Rome, who executed persons of the lowest rank; hence, an executioner or hangman.

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Zen Moments

Posted on January 2, 2019  in My Life

I had to read this three times before I understood what it really meant. It is kind of confusing. Essentially it is a zen like saying about how we should try to live our lives more fully. Instead of letting our minds worry about everything all the time, we should take those moments where we don’t need to be thinking, we don’t need to be worrying and instead, find peace within ourselves. While you are waiting for the elevator, don’t think about the email your boss sent you yesterday, just relax, clear your mind and just BE!


A friend sent this too me yesterday, she is trying to rewire my brain I think, maybe not be quit so intense. Thinking is what I do, it is what I do at work and its what I do for fun, heck sometimes I am thinking about 2 or 3 different things at the same time. This will be my struggle for the year I think, I am use to living a life of doing, maybe it is time for me to slow down and think less, live less inside my own brain.



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Forging the path forward

Posted on December 9, 2018  in My Life

I recently bought myself a Tarot deck. A friend has reintroduced me to it. While I am not a particularly big believer in divination or predicting the future (after all, I believe in karma, kismet just pisses me off), I do think how we interpret the symbolism inherent in the cards can give us insight into our own psyche and perhaps light the path a bit.

This was my first layout. My intent here was the top card is my current state, the place where I am now. The bottom three cards are past, present and future. What I need is help with the path forward, i have been floundering for the last couple of years, dealing with depression and anxiety. Some recent emotional turmoil has really pushed me to get off my ass and do something instead of just wallowing in my own depression.

My first tarot spread

So the Fool at the top makes me very uncomfortable, but I have to admit it is a fair assessment of my current state. The King of Swords is where I have been, my previous assessment of myself; a soldier, a man who solves problems, often with brute force, but just as often with wisdom and Intelligence. The Nine of Pentacles is my present, I think this represents my wife, the person who tends my garden, keeps my house and loves me. I think this is an important reminder of what I have, because I think recently I have taken her for granted and been neglectful of our relationship.

The final card, the Five of Cups, represent my being mournful of the past. The spilt cups represent the years past, the standing cups represent the years to come, I am of that age where I have more years behind than I have ahead. More importantly though, in the background is a bridge and a castle. Maybe its just that 40 years of playing D&D has ingrained in me that wherever there is a castle, there a dragon close by, but when I look at that, I see adventure down the path.